My Theory as published in Starfleet International's Region 20's Publication The Commonwealth in the UK. Issues #7 & #8.

Commonwealth #7

Star Trek's mention of Fermat's last theorem in the episode The Royale helped fire my passion for the study of the squared function.

Although not really interested in the proof of Fermat's last theorem beyond ² must be really special, when I saw the episode, an excel spreadsheet was used to look at the squared function to see the whole number solutions to x²+y²=z². Modern science has turned the equation into a²+b²=c².

I became more interested in the squared function after attending a lecture in the early 90's on Searl Effect Technology and magic squares. I already realized the square equation was special because of Fermat's last theorem and I brought a few of Searls books and started to study them.

Basically, he had made a reference table and turned the times itself or squared function into a grid of numbered squares. He had altered the start numbers of each square grid showing certain magic squares share the same line sum constants with certain other size magic squares and called it 'The Law of the Squares'.

Lee my late partner and I, with Searls permission, 'translated' the first of his books he had typed on a typewriter into an excel data sheet. This was checked & accepted by him and 50 copies were printed.

I meditated on the smaller squares and attempted to turn the patterns of numbers within the smaller magic squares into a binary shape, based on the spinning tetrahedron. I eventually found a binary geometric cubic pattern, which was published on YouTube, I called them Cwantum Cubes or a Cwantum Column and exhibited my original Cwantum 6 Cube at DotF 2013.
They have the same construction pattern as the electron valances of the periodic table. I only made up to a Cwantum 6 Cube - representing Xenon shown here.

Making a Cwantum 7 Cube requires 4 layers 49 apparent points on each face and 32 spaces for electron placement. Each line end has a total of 7 lines emanating from the point, except the spin axis of the space that represents placement of an electron.

The current periodic table would be contained in a Cwantum 8 Cube - 4 layers 64 apparent points on each face and 32 spaces for electron placement, except the spin axis of the space that represents placement of an electron.

Another lecture I went to, near the end of the century, a John Collins was promoting the work of Bessler, a contemporary of Newton. The after lecture, chat with John got me inspired into a possible application extracted from the magic constant data within magic squares.

I developed the idea of Cubic Magic Squares to explain where the energy could come from. Cubic Magic Squares have the same series as a tetrahedral column. Just like there are as many triangles in 5 triangled as there are squares in 5 squared - demonstrated by here by my triangled Pythagorean Triangle pin badge.
Attempting to put my ideas together with waves made of wood, which was too fragile, plastic conduit was equally unsuitable and eventually using brass strips to construct the waves to mimic particle/wave duality. The prototype seen at DotF was the first time I had made a 12 wave prototype with a machine engineered hub. With the prototype I was able to demonstrate what I believe is the mechanical principle to Star Trek's "Romulan Artificial Gravity Well". Believing it needed a knock with a pendulum driven at the axle, the waves alone do not have enough inertial momentum to form a gravity well.

After working on the prototype after DotF my lack of understanding in respect to pendulums became apparent... So I opted for 12 equal internal weights that knock each wave closed in turn. Each wave needs to weigh exactly the same, which they do not. I am in the process of reformatting with a grinder the weight of each piece of each wave.

There are currently a selection of videos on YouTube that show unloaded self rotating magnetic wells. None that I have seen to date demonstrate the mechanics of wave/particle duality tapping into the earths gravity field. Experiments with my prototype demonstrate it will have near 5lb torque (hypotenuse of 5) if there is a successful conclusion.

The prototype has 12 articulated squared waves each with a frequency of 30 incremented squares, this sums to total of 360, that's the number of degrees in a circle, established in ancient times.

Work is continuing at a leisurely pace - it's considered impossible by the established laws of physics and will take a lot of free time to finish. A realistic completion target is before the end of the year.

I have an inching need to know if the theory and principle is true or false.


Commonwealth #8

I mentioned the concept of cubic magic squares in the last issue and I want to take the opportunity to explain them.

Here is a Pythagorean Triangle squared, each square is consecutively numbered so that each magic square has the same constant.

The 3² has 9 squares with a start number of 6 in red.

The 4² has 16 squares with a start number of 0 in red.

The 5² has 25 squares with a start number of -6 in red.

Any straight line sum in any square including diagonals, sum to 30.
All ODD squares constructed consecutively numbered in this way, have an average value of the center square. The 3² has 10, & 5² has an average value of 6.

The EVEN 4 magic square here operates in pairs that sum to 15 and does not have a whole number average.

The 3, 4 & 5 Pythagorean Triangle² examples a²+b²=c², In the energy equation or e=mc², c² is half the solution to energy. The internal numbering of the magic square create a straight line sum constant of 30 in all directions in all 3 magic squares.

Illustrated above, the biggest square there is c². It is 5² or 25 squares, the center number and average content of the 25 squares is 6. Six could indicate a few things, cubic magic squares is my interpretation, this is where the six represents six faces of a cube. Each square cell represents a cubic cell, hence cubic magic squares. On a quantum scale I believe the cubic space frame is not edge centered, but diagonally face centered.

A cubic magic square is not a magic cube, it is a magic square made of cubic spaces - not square spaces. The inner cubes have an ability to oscillate and expand downwards and upwards by half a cube, increasing the area inside the cubic magic square.

Here is a cubic 7 square shows the inner cubes have created enough space to put an expanded cubic 5 square inside.
The prototype idea developed in a search to find the minimum application to cubic magic squares and the principle of space created within, I interpreted the twelve straight line constants in the above 5² into 12 articulating mechanical square waves, five thick, each with a frequency of 30 incremented squares,

It's an attempt is to copy the duality of a wave and somehow create the unlikely conditions for an Artificial Gravity Well to form. I have tried to translate c², I am now having a stab at the other half of the energy equation 'm' or mass.

I do so hope the start number of 0 in the above 4² does not indicate a rotation value. The next time these three squares share the same line sum constant, is when the constant sum is 90, that's where the start number of 5² is 6, 4² is 15 and 3² starts at number 26, At 3x the frequency that's a step too far for me to take.
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